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Developing professional profiles to put you in firm control of your career - long into the future.

Open, transparent, intuitive, strategic and professional. Just a few of the values that help WorkLife shape our career development programme for your benefit.

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Looking for a new role can be quite a daunting task, particularly when you've built up several years of exceptional skills, qualities and professional 'characteristics'. 

At WorkLife, we delve deeper into your ‘offering’ by asking the right questions and determining the best route to market.  Couple this with a set of strategic profile updates and you have the perfect partner to help you gain the traction you deserve in the most challenging of job markets. 

We don’t need to change who you are (you’re perfect in every way), but we can help you get noticed more prominently by employers who need your skills in their business.

  • CVOptimisation™

    CVOptimisation™ is the process of  ranking a CV at the tops of searches made by recruiters (HR teams, talent acquisitions specialists, head-hunters etc) in order to gain an advantage over your competitors in the job search process. We own this trademark.

  • Profile Placement (ATS)

    With a strong profile across all Applicant Tracking Systems, you can tell potential employers everything about you and more concisely than your CV can alone. It's similar to a candidate summary or the old style front cover sheet on a CV.

  • Job Search Support

    Job search support covers everything you need from an optimised, ATS-friendly CV, to digital skills summaries, hidden job market management, interview preparation and offer checks - all geared around your needs!