Seasoned professionals, leading the way.

If you've built up some outstanding skills, have the ability to transform a business and can lead teams to achieve a common goal, you're in the right place.

WorkLife have spent over two decades building one of the largest senior appointment networks in the world. We specialise in promoting talent through the hidden job market, where over 85% or roles are filled. If you possess the 4 key cornerstones of what a good leader looks like, it's time to talk.

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The 4 key cornerstones:

Professionalism; this may seem obvious but not everyone is a true professional.

Transformational: if you can help to transform a business, increase revenue, profits and positivity, you're half way there.

Safe pair of hands: experienced leaders are trusted, honest, straightforward and can adapt to all challenges that businesses face.

Innovative: employers look for leaders who can implement fresh ideas, think laterally and create a clear path to deliver results.

The candidates we work with enjoy the best positions with the greatest organisations. They appear in more shortlists, with employers direct, than 99.9% of all other candidates. If you're not getting the traction you deserve, it's not personal; it's digital. By appearing in the upper echelons of the candidates lists, you're giving yourself the best chance to be noticed in the crowd, which in turn leads to more contact, interviews and offers.

01925 754204